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There once was an FBI counterfeit expert who could spot fake dollar bills with seeming ease.

One guy said to him “Hey, you must have a real smart brain up there buddy!”

“How do you mean?” said the agent a little taken back.

“Well you must be real clever to memorise all those different fake dollar bills that are kicking around.”

“Not really!” said the agent.  The man looked slightly confused.

“I just have to memorise one – the genuine article – “explained the agent.

” When you know what that looks like, the fakes stick out a mile.”

That’s my advice to anyone who wants seriously contend for the Bible.  Know the Word well and anything that comes against it just stinks of old kippers.  You can smell it a street away.

However, having said that, it’s helpful to know if what you are smelling is old or new or just a blend of a couple of things.  The Resurgence have a helpful, user friendly guide to heresy spotting where you can learn all the fancy names (usually bequeathed by the original heretic.)  Have fun.