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It always amazes me how much of creation we take for granted.  We can hold in the palm of our hand, tiny little capsules that contain the entire information required for making a tree or plant . . . and they are tasty too!  I don’t know if you ever bite a nut in half and wonder where all that information is stored?  Maybe it’s just me – I’m the nut!

On a larger scale, When I look at the universe, it blows my mind how everything is just so spot on.  It’s a bit like a Greggs cheese and onion pasty – Perfect puff pastry, a deliciously balanced filling of potato, cheese (just the right strength mind!), onion and seasoning.  Baked to perfection and served at the optimum moment while the pastry is still light and crisp and the filling is still oozy warm, but not so hot it takes the skin off the roof of your mouth.

How is that incredible? Well everything had to be just right. You could take all those pasty ingredients and play with them all day and make nothing but gundge.  The processes and timings are just as (if not more) important than the ingredients – not to mention the helpful hands making, baking and timing them.

In the same way, it’s not what is present in our universe that is so important, rather the way in which they have been brought together in finely-tuned way.  In this Short clip, Professor John Lennox of Oxford University explains just one element that was crucial to get right at the beginning.  Pay attention to the way he works out the probability of a chance happening.  Then think about all the other millions of processes required and if you can, think what the compound result would be for them all happening by chance – then you are better than me.

I don’t believe in a random-chance ‘Greggs cheese and onion pasty’, so it stands to reason that I certainly won’t go there with our ‘fine-tuned’ universe.  If a pasty needs a maker, why doesn’t a universe?