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Osteen is a theological idiot.  When it comes to turning a buck with his pseudo-Christian self-help books, he’s switched on, but theologically he is a buffoon and to be frank, an embarrassment to all serious minded Christians.

The fact that he can fill the Compaq Center (Nearly 17,000 capacity) – the main Lakewood church centre in Houston, Texas  multiple times over drawing around 44,000 people each week is testimony to the success of his amissional, self-help, be-a-better you, ‘God wants you to be Happy all the time’, ‘every day should be a Friday’ type of ministry.  It’s non-threatening and non-challenging and from what I have seen, a self- focused rather than Christ-focused type of theology.

Being a Pastor of such a large church as well as having his self-help books in the best-sellers list means that he attracts national attention.  From Time Magazine, to Larry King and now to Piers Morgan, Osteen lands TV interviews with relative ease but presents himself with such ridiculous naivety.

King managed to get him into hot water over Mormonism and salvation through Christ alone where he later had to issue an apology.  In this latest round with Morgan, Osteen and wife Victoria are led into the culture trap by Morgan like a four year old to the Child Catcher.

These are not difficult questions that Morgan is asking and anyone who has been a table leader on the Alpha course should have been able to navigate them with relative ease.  Not Osteen.  I only wish one of these days someone would ask him ‘Does your mother know you are stupid?’ just to see where he will go with it.

Any how, that is a some what lengthy introduction to Al Mohler’s deeper analysis of the interview (part of which you can pick up in the blog).  Well worth a read. (Link fixed)