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I love this title which obviously means that I have unashamedly robbed it, in this case from Desiring God.

These 15 tips are lessons taken from the way Newton wrote in his letters and they include:

2. Bloggers should write to edify, therefore it is preferable to write simple truth than to spread eloquent trifles.

4. Women should be encouraged to blog for the benefit of the entire church, since they naturally write in a style more enjoyable, and less stilted, than men are normally capable of.

6. Blog to offer both converting and comforting grace to your reader.


14. Do not allow blog writing to cause your neglect of family priorities.

I know many of us follow dead people on Twitter, but what a legacy when their lives, character and writings still penetrate and influence 21st Century peeps.

Who knows, maybe your writing, blogging and tweeting may have a similar effect on a future generation . . . so take heed of John!

15 Tips on Blogging from John Newton