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I don’t know anyone else in the UK who is doing what Mez is doing at Niddrie. If there is one thing that I have admired about Mez over the years, it’s his tenacity in the face of popular descent. Both he and Miriam can look back at a succession of ‘monuments to obedience’ they have built because they listened to God and not man. As I read this blog, I was again impacted by the risk taking a-traditional approach that typifies Mez’s passion to see Gospel-extension and the saints achieve maximum joy.

For some church leaders, a plan or strategy that posited a 50% success-rate would not make it past round one of a leaders meeting, while others will choose not to denigrate the brand- identity of the church. Safe bets with good margins for success are often the order of the day, or to be extra-safe, not betting at all.

I hope that you feel as challenged, motivated, inspired and excited as I do when you read this.

Any fool can build a big crowd. It takes real men of God to build a big people.

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