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Mez McConnell is a good friend and dear brother of mine and is working in one of the toughest areas in the UK. He has republished his post from last year. Al Mohler is a respected theologian and has written a recent post on his blog on this issue.

Can I suggest, particularly if you’ve read my post on the subject, that you read both of these posts.

The danger of going with one perspective is that I could be wrong, and I believe it’s good to read broadly on any issue and at the end of the day use Scripture as the ultimate plumb-line.

Even now, I’m not totally comfortable with the word ‘celebrate’ – perhaps engage is better word. Context is also important as Mez show’s. Can it be used ‘with menaces’ as a form of extortion? Is there a superstitious or occult influence to a society where people are actively looking for spiritual activity to occur?

When I come back to my post, I have to remind myself and others that I am writing it from a particular context (White, middle-class British housing estate.) and largely one that adopts a world-view that is spiritually unaware. (Large brush-stroke, I know!)

****UPDATE …Mez’s original blog is now down, so I’ve re-linked to a more recent post … UPDATE****


Mez’s Blog Post On Halloween
Visit Al Mohler's blog

Visit Al Mohler’s blog

Al Mohler’s Post on Halloween